Welcome, BR Kids!

BR Kids is a place where kids can have fun while learning about Jesus through creative, Gospel-centered teaching through stories, music, drama, and games.

In New London, BR Kids is open to Cradle through 5th grade students at all services.
In Bedford, BR Kids is open to Cradle through 5th grade students
at the 11am service only.

  • Christ-Centered
  • A Safe Place
  • Fun For All
  • Caring Servers
  • We've got good news!

    Just like the rest of Blue Ridge, we believe we’re here to help people follow Jesus. That includes the children who come to BR Kids. Everything we teach is based on God’s Word and the Good News that God loved us so much that He sent His Son Jesus, so that we might have a relationship with Him.

  • We value safety!

    You entrust us with your precious little ones, and we don’t take that for granted. Our check-in system provides an extra layer of security by randomly generating a code each week for the parent and child name tags. Everyone who serves in BR Kids has been through an extensive screening process that includes a background check and an in-person interview. We also train our team of servers on our policies and procedures, which are specifically designed with your childs safety in mind.

  • We believe in having fun!

    BR Kids shares the love of Jesus through energetic storytelling, creative dramas, music, interactive games, and so much more. Learning about God can and should be joyful. Your children will be asking when they can come again!

  • We love kids!

    Our servers love God, and it shows in the prayer, energy, and creativity that they put into each Sunday. They serve every week so that they can build real relationships with your children. We really care about them and want church to be the best hour of their week!



For kids in grades 2 through 5, leaders encourage children to develop or grow in a relationship with Jesus and to serve God by serving others in our church and community. BR Kids offers three opportunities for children to join serving teams.

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