With each season comes a particular rhythm. Summer steams in with sun and surf and sweat. Days seem to slip one into another.

Fall feels more organized, like the boxes of sharpened pencils and binders with dividers we’ve all been putting together for back-to-school days.

One of the rhythms for Blue Ridge each fall is a beautiful surge in people coming to our weekend services. Because we are God’s people, we don’t want to miss this special opportunity to make our visitors feel welcome and to ensure there is room for them to enjoy a message.

As we prepare our hearts for this new season, here are some important ways we can serve:

Pray. Pray that God would move our hearts to be His hands and feet to our newcomers. Pray that He would move in our visitors’ hearts and draw them closer to Him.

Change services. If you have been attending the 10:30 am service, please consider our 12:30 pm service, which has more seats available.

Be on time. This makes a huge difference in getting everyone parked and seated. Families, be mindful of the time it takes to get checked in and get children to their classes. Our auditorium doors close at eight minutes after each service has begun to reduce confusion and to prevent interrupting worship. After the first eight minutes, attendees will be seated through the side entrance.

Be kind. Move to the middle and leave the end seats for others so that when the lights go down and the service begins, ushers can seat them easily and with minimal distraction.

Please don’t save seats. Wait until your entire party is present and ready to be seated. Saved seats cause confusion for the ushers and more importantly for our guests. It gives a message that “there isn’t any room for you here” and we definitely don’t want anyone to feel that way at Blue Ridge!

Let’s usher in this new season by serving God and serving others. You’ll be glad you did.