Through the My Fears series, we’ve learned that fears come in all shapes, sizes and forms. What is a commonplace situation for some can be paralyzing for others. If you are like more than half of the people living in our country, fear of your finances may be crippling you and keeping you from serving God in the way He intended.

Recent national surveys have revealed more than 50 percent of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. These individuals are just a blown car engine or busted hot water heater away from spiraling into debt.

If you find yourself scared to look at your bank account in fear that once again “your money” is going to run out before you run out of the month, Blue Ridge Community Church’s MoneyWorks Ministry team is here to help you navigate these financial worries.

Our trained teachers can instruct you with biblically based financial principles. They can help guide you on a path to winning with “God’s money” and to put the fear of finances behind you.

Or maybe you are not in crisis with your finances but want to understand how to honor God with the blessings He has bestowed upon you. What does it mean to give or leave a legacy?

Our coaches and teachers can help in the following ways:

One-on-One Coaching: If you find yourself in financial crisis, the MoneyWorks Ministry team will help show you God’s plan. With a strategy in place and the continued prayers of an accountability partner, your financial challenges will eventually be in the rear-view mirror.

Learning in Community: Would you like to surround yourself with fellow Christ followers who want freedom from financial anxiety? If so, join the next Financial Peace University class. Twice a year, the MoneyWorks Ministry team walks individuals through Dave Ramsey’s proven plan that has helped millions of Americans get out of debt. The next FPU class begins on February 6 and will meet weekly on Monday nights for a nine-week course.

Planning for the Future: Maybe you have a solid month-by-month budget, but you lay awake at night worrying if you are going to have enough money to retire. If this is your situation, the MoneyWorks Ministry team can guide you through the process of ensuring your current savings plans meet the desires God has given you to serve His kingdom in the future.

Leaving a Legacy: Proverbs 22:6 tell us to “train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.” The MoneyWorks Ministry team would love the opportunity to walk you through the process of educating your children so they don’t replicate any poor financial decisions you made in the past.

If God has stirred within your heart a desire to conquer the fear of finances, contact the MoneyWorks Ministry team: