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2018.04.23 kidstuf 2018.04.23 kidstuf

KidStuf Update

As ministries grow and change, and as God moves us into new ways of operating, we are recognizing that “what got us here, won’t take us there.” Rec...

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Face to face blog Face to face blog

Face to Face: Encounters with Jesus

In the Bible, we see Jesus as a rabbi and a teacher. This would have been a position of high esteem. We might imagine a serious, dignified figure,...

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Crowded Crowded

5 Great Ways to Serve Others

With each season comes a particular rhythm. Summer steams in with sun and surf and sweat. Days seem to slip one into another. Fall feels more orga...

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Photo 1429667947446 3c93a979b7e0 Photo 1429667947446 3c93a979b7e0

Your Work Can Be Your Ministry

Most of us will spend 80,000 hours at work during our lifetime. For many of us, it feels like we have little time for anything else, including mini...

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Servingpic Servingpic

You’ll Be Glad You Did: Choosing to Serve

Over the years, I’ve learned the secret to loving serving. See, I haven’t always thought of it as something essential. In the church where I grew...

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Bedford prayer walk wide Bedford prayer walk wide

What’s Next? A Bedford Campus Update

In recent months, Blue Ridge has walked through the streets of Bedford, praying for God’s direction, getting to know the community and finding ways...

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Don’t Miss This Weekend’s Biggest Birthday Party!

Who’s ready to ride a mechanical bull or tackle a climbing wall? Listen to fantastic live music? Take your kids on a pony ride, jump on bouncers or...

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Photodune 14710799 empty red theater seating m Photodune 14710799 empty red theater seating m

Get the Best Seat in the House

Easter is fast approaching! With this holiday comes our biggest weekend of the year. As always, we want to be sure there is plenty of room for our...

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An Upside-Down Approach to Living Missionally

Have you ever read the words of Jesus and scratched your head because the teachings seem so “out there?” He said that if someone smacks you in the...

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Photodune 9617597 compassion m Photodune 9617597 compassion m

What is Lifeline Caregiving and How is it Different?

There are times when we all face a crisis. There are times we all feel broken. At Blue Ridge, broken people are welcome. “It’s part of the DNA of ...

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Woody bedford blog Woody bedford blog

On Mission: Multi-Site Location in Bedford

In the last couple of years, it has become apparent that as a church we are at the top of our bandwidth. You’ve probably heard me talking about Blu...

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High school blog High school blog

How Can You Help Impact Students for Christ?

Right before summer last year, an eighth grade girl showed up at a Blue Ridge event. Her mom admitted she tricked her daughter into coming. But ...

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