DivorceCare: Surviving the Holidays

· For Those Separated or Divorced

The first Thanksgiving can be the hardest. A Christmas with no kids on Christmas Day can feel especially lonely.

That’s why DivorceCare offers a one-night program called “Surviving the Holidays” — to offer hope and help in navigating this new place in life. This two-hour, video-driven event is open to anyone, whether or not they are part of DivorceCare. Children 5th-10th grade are invited to come with their parents.

Janet Pino, DivorceCare Ministries lead at Blue Ridge Community Church, said if she had her choice, she would rename the event “When Tradition Meets Reality”.

“In Christ, we can have so much more than survival,” Janet said. “Focusing on the true meaning of Christmas can lead to hope and healing." She acknowledges there is pain for many going through the holidays while in the midst of separation or divorce. But with support and some creativity, you can turn the holidays into something new.

“Surviving the Holidays is a warm, encouraging, helpful event,” said Janet. “Life change isn't all bad. I have developed beautiful traditions with my kids that probably wouldn't have happened had I not had to create new traditions. Just being in a group with other people going through a similar place in life can be comforting."

“You’re also with others who have experienced going through a holiday,” Janet said.

Please register by November 21.

Though DivorceCare does not meet during the Christmas season, if you need support, please send a note to divorcecare@blueridge.org.