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Care - Caregiving

Caregiving ministries provides spiritual care, support, encouragement, and referral services in a safe and confidential manner. Short-term based support during times of significant need or crisis is essential and we are committed to meeting that need through trained and qualified caregivers. Caregivers will walk with individuals and couples in times of trouble and work with them to institute a next-step care plan. Servers in this area of ministry will be required to attend Basic Caregiver training sessions beginning each January. These sessions are held every Monday night, and upon graduating these servers can begin working as caregivers under the close supervision of leadership. Caregivers will need to have a heart for working with those in crisis and have the availability for monthly meetings and periodic trainings throughout the year.

Opportunity Details:

Preference Area: Care & Support
Days of the Week: Sun Evening, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat