Jesus draws near web square

A City

May 13, 2018

Jeremy Wilkinson

Life is full of choices, defining moments, and crossroads. And even when we sense a strong prompting or a leading to take a certain path, we often find ourselves moving in the complete opposite direction. Do you ever feel disappointed over a bad choice or misdirected decision? Or wonder what might have been had you just listened to that inner voice that told you to go the other way? It is in those sincere questions and our moments of undeniable regret, that Jesus draws near to us with sympathy and compassion. When life has gotten off track because of our disobedience, God doesn’t abandon us in anger and frustration. Rather, He continually reaches out to draw us back and offer new pathways and reconfigured plans. This message tells the story of how Jesus agonized and wept over a lost city. As the people of the city moved further away from God, Jesus yearned for their return so they could experience the abundant life God had intended for them.

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