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Mutual Submission


Dr. Woody Torrence

Relationships can be hard. Peace and harmony in marriage, friendship, family, and the workplace can be elusive. And the process of striving for unity and understanding is often exhausting. In the book of Ephesians, we find answers and are introduced to one key principle that can change the trajectory of our relationships for the better. But God’s ideal is certainly not our society’s ideal for moving toward healthy bonds. Constantly backing up to push others forward flies in the face of conventional wisdom and our selfie-driven, “me first” culture. But that’s exactly what God designed for us to do if we want to achieve the best relationships we’ve ever had. This message will help you understand the one central value that can radically change ANY human relationship. You will hear practical steps you can take to gain insight and build this practice into your life as you connect with others the way God intended.

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